“While I was still young, before I went on my travels I sought wisdom openly in my prayer.   Before the temple I asked for herand I will search for her until the end. I inclined my ear a little and received her and I found for myself much instruction. I made progress in her; to him who gives wisdom I will give glory.”

Sirach 51: 13-14, 16-17

Peace and good to all.

If I may share my insights on the above passage from the book of Sirach. 

Wisdom –  this is what this passage is all about. 

Wisdom is a gift from God. A gift from the Holy Spirit. 

We seek wisdom because it gives us peace. It gives us complete peace, actually.  By wisdom  we learn how to apply the truth about the gospel of God in any given situation. When there is conflict or difficulty, when we have this gift of wisdom we would know how to decipher and apply God’s Word and truth in the said difficult situation. 

Life on earth would be  meaningless if we do not seek wisdom from God, for we would not know the very purpose of our being in this world, for we are all created for a purpose.  I believe that In order to be gifted of wisdom we must desire it with all our hearts and pray to God that He gives it to us. We cannot acquire wisdom no matter what learnings we pursue or degree we finish, for wisdom is a gift from God, it is a gift from the Holy Spirit. 

We get to have this gift of wisdom by spending time with Jesus, through prayers, through gospel reading and meditation. When we spend time with Jesus regularly, when we have this intimate relationship with Jesus, He himself teaches us of the truth we need to know. He becomes our teacher and from His teachings we learn more, and when we dig more,  we are taught more, thru His Words and biblical truths. And, when we spend time with the Giver of wisdom, we, therefore, are gifted by it, sooner or later. And, in no sooner time that this gift of wisdom will flow forth from us when the need arises, as the Holy Spirit has already made residence in our hearts and is guiding us in our decisions, actions and words. 

 Through the gift of wisdom, we also learn to recognize our faults, our sins and accept them as our wrong doings and confess them readily to God. Without the gift of wisdom, we would not accept for instance that what we do is sinful, hence we would not be able to confess it. Then, the burdens in our hearts follow because we could not unload, because we do not know how, because we lack wisdom,   that is the reason why we could not have peace. Remember that peace can only be attained when we have wisdom given by God. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. 

May we all seek this gift wisdom from Jesus. Ask and it shall be given, He promised that.  

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