Blessed is she who believed.

 “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”

Luke 1:45

Those words came from Elizabeth upon seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary during Mary’s visitation of her. 

What was again the Lord’s promises to Blessed Virgin Mary? That, she was going to be the mother of the most long awaited messiah – Jesus.  

And, yes she believed. Despite her age, her status in life, her being a virgin, the situation where she lived then,  Mary believed.  She believed that she will be the mother of the Son of God. No ifs, no doubts, no apprehensions, no conditions, in full humility, she  embraced it and  she believed with the promise. She kept the faith. 

How about us? Do we know what are God’s promises to us when we accept and follow Jesus? There are plenty, but here are some of those: That, Jesus will be our strength, our rock,  our saviour. That Jesus will be our protector, that He will be our guide for He knows and have plans to prosper us. That, He will be the source of our peace, joy and love and that we will fear no evil for Jesus is with us. 

Those are some of the promises of Jesus if we follow Him. True promises because  He is the source of all truths, and yet, we doubt, many times we doubted because of our excuses of human frailties. But the Blessed Virgin Mary and Elizabeths are humans too, and yet, they believed.This was because of their faith that God’s promises are true and will be fulfilled. And, indeed, God fulfilled His promises. Elizabeth got pregnant despite her old age and the Blessed Virgin Mary became the mother of the Son of God.

If you will be promised of salvation, instead of eternal damnation; If you will be promised of protection; of peace and joy during this lifetime, would you not embraced it, especially if those promises were written in the Bible and was promised by God, by Jesus himself? Think about it. 

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