Blessings For Those Who Fear the Lord

Blessed are all who fear the Lord,

    who walk in obedience to him.

You will eat the fruit of your labor;

    blessings and prosperity will be yours.

Psalm 128:1-2

Peace and good to all. 

If I may share here my insights about the quoted verse from the Book of Psalm.

This is but another verse in the Book of Psalm that talks about the blessings a man gets because of his fear of the Lord.

Again, fear of the Lord is not all about feelings, it is obedience to the will of God. A person cannot claim to have fear in God but curses his neighbor; oppresses the poor; or, who is guilty of injustice. A man can have fear of the Lord when he walks in His ways, obeys Him and, surrenders his life to Him.

Does this sound hard to do, to have fear of the Lord our God?  Probably yes to those who do not know Him yet; but to those who have accepted Him and have surrendered theirs lives to Him, fear of the Lord would be their way of life.  If we have the right attitude towards God the same will lead us to the right actions and decisions in our life, taking us to the directions towards God. 

Remember this, if we walk in obedience to God, we will be blessed, and that was His promise, read again the verse I quoted above. Blessings from God, I believe, is not for all but only for those who fear Him and who walk in His ways. As He promised, He would even bless our work that would give prosperity in our lives, if we fear Him.

Think about this, there are people who kept on working, striving hard to earn and be materially well. But seems like there is a hole in their pockets that their earnings do no bring them the riches that they want. They are not getting anywhere.   Why?

 I think it’s because of lack of blessings from God because their “fear of the Lord” is more of a feeling not the obedience that the Lord is saying that we ought to have. There are those, however, who get more than what they wanted, they have accumulated so many riches here and material wealth, and yet, they are not happy and contented. Still something is lacking. Some could not even sleep alone. They could not find peace despite the riches here on earth. Why? Because God is lacking in their lives. Jesus is not the center of their lives. There  is no obedience to one true God. Hence, no blessings from above. Simple answer but indeed is true. 

There are, however, who may just have enough or even less in life but they are full of joy and peace and happiness. Why? Because these are the true believers of Christ. These are the people who put God first in their lives. God being the top priority of their lives. They know that God is providing them enough of what they need and that brings comfort in their lives. They know that even if they have less at the moment, they trust that blessings would in time, and God will provide the provisions they need at the moment. Trust and faith in God, and those are enough for them. 

God wants us to enjoy the fruit of our work but without God, work would become a burden in our life. We can never find the true satisfaction in our work and even would not be contented with the fruits of our labour if we do not have God, or if God is not the center of our lives.  We need blessings from God and that happens when we are in obedience to His ways. Let’s follow where God is directing us to go. Read the Bible, Jesus will tell you where to go. 

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