The Lord’s dwelling place..

“One thing I ask from the LORD, this is what I seek:

that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life,

to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD

and to seek him in his temple.”

Psalm 27:4

Peace and good to all.

If my share my insights on the above verse from the Book of Psalm. 

This verse is about the desire to be in the dwelling of our Lord God. Why the desire? Because we want to be part of God’s household. In the dwelling of our Lord, He is there, He is present in there because it is His house. And, to be continually in the presence of the Lord, we want to be in His house forever. 

Being in the dwelling of our Lord, therefore, means to be in the Lord’s presence, to be near Him and to be in constant and deep relationship with Him. And, this happens only when we remain faithful to Him. 

But where is the dwelling of the Lord, exactly? Of course  the natural response is that, it is in heaven but during our lifetime here on earth, our Lord God’s dwelling place is our hearts. The hearts of people who have accepted Him. He resides in our hearts through the Holy Spirit when we develop a deeper relationship with Him. Hence, when we desire to dwell with God, we want to make Him reside in our hearts so that our being and the spirit of our Lord dwell with each other. It is like we do our everyday routines, our chores and yet, we feel the presence of God in what we do, because He lives in our hearts. We feel this kind of closeness with Him, we think of Him every moment of the day, we call Him, “O Lord”, “my Lord” every time and anytime, because we feel and we know He is there with us. O Lord, I praise you for this.

When Jesus through the Holy Spirit dwells in our hearts, we feel this different kind of joy and peace. Despite the rough times, we feel secured because we know Jesus is with us and, therefore, who can be against us. Despite problems,  there is this kind of calmness in our hearts. It is because the Holy Spirit is consoling us or comforting us, working for us,  trying to lighten our burdens when all was different when God is not with us yet. Being in the presence of God, gives us the blessing of joy and peace. Intimate relationship with God, develops trust and faith grows. Remember my friend, faith can move mountains. 

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