What you feed your eyes, rules your heart..

   “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!” 

Matthew 6:22-23

Peace and good to all.

If I may share my thoughts on the above gospel.

When Jesus spoke of our eye as the lamp of our body, I think He meant our eyes to be the windows by which light or darkness enters our body. Thus, He spoke of healthy and unhealthy eyes and how they affect our entire body. Whatever we feed our eyes, grows into our hearts and affects our bodies. They affect our perspective in life and how we deal with life situations.  

When we feed our eyes with the word of God by reading the Bible regularly, we read the story of our Lord and  His teachings; we become immersed on His life and of His love for us; we learn of God’s holiness and goodness; we, then learn to apply the word of God in our daily lives. Believe me it is a life full of light. A life of no fear, because you know you have your protector and you have Jesus as your shepherd. A life where you shine because your are with the source of light – Jesus. 

Notice those who have fed their eyes with earthly and mundane things like pornography. Look at their computers, look at their houses and rooms and notice how they speak and deal with people, it was full of sexuality and pornography, because what they feed their eyes is manifested in their lives. Look how dark their lives are. 

Others feed their eyes with material possessions like bags, jewelry,  cars, movies, work, career, etc. These are, however, not inherently bad, but if we have not learned to balance it,  such that, they have preoccupied our eyes and minds already,  that we have forgotten to feed our eyes with the word of God and with Jesus Himself, our eyes get crowded by these material stuff and consequently blinded us toward Jesus. Be careful my friends. This is the work of the devil in order for us to be in the darkness, to remain in the darkness or to be back in the darkness. Do not be fooled. Success can even make a person blind towards Jesus.  All that glitters is not gold. Beware. 

Think about this:  you have sacrificed not to read the Bible today but you did not  miss your meal or the morning news or reading the newsfeed in your social media account. You missed praying and praising God and talking to Him today but did not  miss your work and your deadlines. Is it not embarrassing to God?  We are so busy building treasures here on earth but have sacrificed our personal relationship with the One who gave all of those to us. We are all guilty of these my friends, but we can always correct ourselves if we want our light to continuously shine in our lives.

Jesus is the light. He is the source of light. But people opted to be in the dark than be in the light, because they would not want others to know their sins; because they would not want to be taken out from the sin. This is pitiful. I used be blind  but after I have accepted Christ as my saviour, my Lord, my Protector and my Everything, I can now see.  I praise our Lord Jesus Christ,  for these new eyes.. 

Again, whatever we feed our eyes, rule our hearts and our minds. Fill them up with the words of God, regularly, everyday. Start with Jesus first, start with His words before you see the outside world and you will be guided all the days of your life. 

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