The authority of Jesus to heal and forgive..

“Jesus stepped into a boat, crossed over, and came to his own town. Some men brought to him a paralytic lying on a mat. Seeing their faith, Jesus told the paralytic, “Have courage, son, your sins are forgiven.”

At this, some of the scribes said to themselves, “He’s blaspheming!”

Perceiving their thoughts, Jesus said, “Why are you thinking evil things in your hearts? For which is easier: to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up and walk’?  But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins”—then he told the paralytic, “Get up, take your mat, and go home.” 

And the man got up and went home. When the crowds saw this, they were filled with awe; and they praised God, who had given such authority to men.”

Matthew 9:1-8

Peace and good to all.

If my share my thoughts on the above gospel.

It is faith again. Faith in Jesus. Faith in His authority to heal, to raise the dead, even to forgive our sins. The gospel speaks about the authority of Jesus to heal and to forgive our sins. In the gospel though, Jesus used the physical healing to prove His authority to forgive sins. Thus, Jesus says : “Have courage, son, your sins are forgiven.” Jesus here used physical healing to prove His authority to forgive our sins. 

Observe that in the gospel, Jesus aimed first in forgiving the sins of the paralytic instead of healing him at once of his paralysis. Thus, the comments against Him by the scribes, for only God can forgive our sins. But this is Jesus one way of saying that, yes, only God can forgive your sins and I am God and I have that authority to do that. 

Again, we know that Jesus knows our deepest secrets, He knows everything about us, He knows our heart. He probably could have read what was in the heart then of the paralytic — which is to ask for forgiveness for his sins, and he knows Jesus the messiah can forgive, that was why Jesus first statement to him was the forgiveness of his sins. Then, his physical healing followed. The paralyzed man came to Jesus not only for his physical healing but for the ultimate healing of his heart which is the forgiveness of his sins. 

Sin is to life what rust is to metal. It eats up our life, it gives us sickness, it gives sadness,  it tarnishes our relationship to God. Sickness, heartaches, anguish, hates, selfishness, sadness, etc., are all one way or another related to sin. 

And, the gospel is telling us, to take courage for Jesus can forgive our sins and thereafter heal us from all these infirmities in our body and mind. We need Jesus to help us with our present predicament whether it be a disease, illness, addictions, loneliness, anger, etc., Jesus can heal all those. I believe in that. But more than that, Jesus can forgive our sins that are causing all those infirmities and afflictions in our human body. We just need to come to Him and accept Him as our saviour. We just have to confess our sins and repent and Jesus will set us free from curse of sin. We need forgiveness. We need Jesus to forgive us. We need Jesus for our salvation. 

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