“Here I am, Lord. Send me!”

Peace and good to all.

If I may share my personal reflection on the above passage from the Book of Isaiah. 

I first heard this Bible verse from  a  movie where a woman was asked by a colleague who boarded her car about the  post it-note in her car saying “send me”. The woman replied that it was from the Book of Isaiah. The woman in the movie is a believer. 

I read the pages of my Bible to this verse and the story of Isaiah in it. The words “Here I am, Lord. Send me”, kept reverberating from my mind even after reading it. Even after few days it has remained in my head. Even last night before I slept, even in my waking hours in the middle of the night,  and again, this morning, in my bed, in my car, in my office. I need to write it. 

How can we be like the prophet Isaiah in responding to the call of God in these times of ours? I think it is by being mindful of what God wants us  to be or what God wants us to do. For instance, what could be God’s call or message for us as a doctor, or as a lawyer,  or  a nurse, a preacher, a housewife ? Whatever we are at present is not just by mere confluence of events but according to God’s plan for us to play a role in God’s master plan. 

I believe that even before we responded to God and say to Him “Here I am, Lord. Send me” , I know that He has already sent us to where we are supposed to be. That we are already where God wants us to be. That it was just a matter of confirmation from our part when we say “Lord send me” , so that in whatever we do, we do it now in the name of God.  That, it was just a matter of being aware that God is speaking to us, communicating to us, confirming that God is alive and walking with us.

As a doctor, you are sent to heal and provide cure to those who are sick, in God’s name. As a lawyer, you are sent to make sure that justice is observed and done, in accordance to the will of God.  As a preacher, you are sent to evangelize, to lead people to one true God, to Jesus, for the salvation of many. We are all sent for a purpose, we just have to be mindful of God’s purpose for us. How are you going to be mindful of God’s message to you? Read your Bible, God will tell you what it is and when you came to know about it, be ready to say, “Send me, my God.” God be with us all.

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