Why do they hate God?

“Those who hate the Lord would cringe before him,  and their  punishment would last forever.

But you would be fed with the finest of wheat;  with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.”

Psalm 81:15-16

Peace and good to all.

If my share my thoughts on the above passage from the Book of Psalm. 

The verse is a reminder to us of God’s commitment to discipline us from our disobedience to Him and from our own sinfulness which we refuse to repent. It is also a message of hope to those who follow Him and remain obedient to Him on His promise, that they will always be taken cared of by God. 

Have you encountered a person who accepts the existence of God as our creator and yet refuse to worship Him?   I am not talking of atheist, because they are of different category. Am talking of someone who believes in God and His existence and yet rebels on Him.  

These are people who reject God and go so far as to say they hate God and, they do so because of the amount of injustice, pain, oppression and suffering that they may have experienced or witnessed in this world. Perhaps it was because of the issue of sexual preference, or of growing up from a faithless family or probably because of church dogmas.

These people may have been us in the past before we accepted Christ fully; these people may be one of our friends or colleagues or members of our family. It is pitiful because the word of God is clear, they will cringe before Him and their punishment will last forever. Let’s try to bring them back to God or to introduce Jesus in their lives. 

Let us be reminded every time that the Lord has made everything for its purpose. The hurtful  or painful events in our lives, the unjust men who keep on hurting us, the physical pains we suffer, they are all for a reason, probably in order for God to accomplish His will in our lives, in order to shape us.  Do not fret, but rather pray and remain faithful to God and trust on His plans for us, though we may not know them yet,  and in all these adversities, remember that God is there, protecting us, giving us shelter and carrying us.